Quite simply, send me an email requesting price quotation together with attached text you wish to have translated and I will get back to you as soon as possible. If you need express translation please contact me via phone and I will directly tell you if I have free capacity to work on it and how quickly you can have it.

The easiest way is via email. You can send me the document you wish to have translated in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Notepad formats... and of course also as picture (.jpg, .gif) or in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf).

If you have the document only as hard copy, you can send it also via proper mail, but you have to take into account time for delivery when considering the deadline.

However, in case of certified translation you have to deliver the document to me personally or via proper mail as the document is physically bound together with the translation (see also Certified translations.)

I will send you the finished translation electronically (in Word, Excel or PP formats); also via proper mail if required. In case of certified translation you have to pick it up personally, but I can send you certified translation also via proper mail.

The standard page (Slovak abbreviation NS) is a basic tool for determination of translation size, on which depends especially price (in case of translation you pay for the number of translated standard pages).

You can calculate number of standard pages very easily in Microsoft Word:

Word Count
Characters (with spaces)
One standard page has 1800 characters. If you divide the number of characters with spaces by 1800, you will receive number of standard pages of a document, for example:

9480 characters (with spaces) divided by 1800 = 5,26 standard pages

Number of standard pages can be only estimated in formats other than Word (if it is not possible to copy the text into Word).


The same text has a different number of standard pages in different languages! The English text is generally a little longer than Slovak text, but it is not a rule...you will not feel the difference much in case of one page, but you should be aware of this in case of longer translations (because the price is calculated from the number of standard pages of translated, not original, text).

This information is quite important for the quality of translation, because the purpose of the translation influences the selection of stylistic means. The purpose of translation is in some cases obvious from its very substance (e.g. abstract of diploma paper), however, some texts are not so obvious (e.g. instructions for use of navigation system – it can be intended for official print, or only for the need of individual person, who has bought it abroad and needs to understand some functions)...i.e. pragmatics of translation, its purpose, is important for the method and approach, which the translator chooses for the respective text.

That depends on how quickly you need it. Translator is usually able to produce 8 – 10 standard pages (according to difficulty of the translation) per day. Of course, it is always better to have enough time for translating as there are many factors that the translator must take into account and their time demand varies. If you need the translation very urgently (e.g. within 12 or 24 hours or ASAP), please call me and I will directly tell you if I have free capacity to work on it and how quickly you can have it.

Yes, I am a certified translator. For more information please go to Certified translations.

Of course, information contained in the ordered translation is subject to strict translation ethics and I guarantee you that it will not get to any third party.

In case of certified translations the confidentiality obligation is directly laid out in the Act No. 382/2004 Coll. which governs the activity of certified translators.