„Translating, one keeps wondering how one language manages without the words in another.“

Peter Newmark, Paragraphs on Translation, 1993


I specialise in providing translation services from/to English language. I have been working in the field of literary, but especially non-literary translation, already for several years and continuously strive to improve my qualification and professional approach to translating and my own work with strong emphasis on quality of the translation.

I am a member of The Slovak Association of Translators and Interpreters and the Union of Interpreters and Translators (JTP).


Main fields I work with include building/construction industry, marketing, HR, economics, environment, hotel industry, press releases, business, legal documents (especially of contractual nature) and many more. However, there is hardly anybody who is perfect in everything, so if you have a highly specialised text (e.g. medicine, technical machine industry text...), which you need to have translated, please first check whether I am able to make the translation. I have experience with translation of business and legal contracts and agreements, expert opinions, investment projects, various agreements and statements, abstracts of diploma of bachelor theses, documents necessary for applications for various grants, annual reports, internal directives, business correspondence, price quotations, minutes, manuals, technical reports for building-engineering projects, EIA, occupational health and safety, brochures, presentations, catalogues, websites ...but also texts from the field of telecommunications, railways, facility management or archaeology.



„Two paradoxes of translation: the more difficult it is, the more interesting it is, and the worse it will be paid (poetry). The easier it is, the more boring it is, and often, the better it will be paid (by number of words).“

Peter Newmark, More Paragraphs on Translation, 1998



There are many types of translation and therefore its prices differ, too. Price is influenced by many factors: target language of translation, whether it is a literary or a non-literary text, whether it is a simple email message, a technical manual, a business contract; whether you need it asap... However, you can be sure that you will get a high quality translation for reasonable price from me, because the translation does not go through any third party, and so you will indeed pay only for the translation itself, not for its mediation.

Price already includes both language and stylistic proofreading, so you will not pay for anything else.

Price is calculated according to the number of standard pages of the translation (not the original text).

Price for translation from English to Slovak language ranges

General price range is from 12 € to 14 €;per standard page.

The easiest way to find out the exact price is to send me your text (or example from it) with details for translation and I will tailor the price for you accordingly.



The standard page (Slovak abbreviation NS) is a basic tool for determination of translation size, on which depends especially price (in case of translation you pay for the number of translated standard pages).

You can calculate number of standard pages very easily in Microsoft Word:

  1. Tools
  2. Word Count
  3. Characters (with spaces)

One standard page has 1800 characters. If you divide the number of characters with spaces by 1800, you will receive number of standard pages of a document, for example:

9480 characters (with spaces) divided by 1800 = 5,26 standard pages

Number of standard pages can be only estimated in formats other than Word (if it is not possible to copy the text into Word).


The same text has a different number of standard pages in different languages! The English text is generally a little longer than Slovak text, but it is not a rule...you will not feel the difference much in case of one page, but you should be aware of this in case of longer translations (because the price is calculated from the number of standard pages of translated, not original, text).



As a member of the Slovak Association of Translators and Interpreters I follow principles set out in their Code of Professional Ethics, inter alia:

·        I perform the translation work objectively, impartially and without prejudice;

·        I keep all information I learn about in relation to the performance of translation services confidential;

·        I perform the translation work to the best of my knowledge and abilities;

·        I accept only such translation requests that correspond to my qualification and linguistic skills



„Except in matters of moral and factual truth, which is the bottom line in any translation, there is always room for eclectic thinking and a plurality of views, and none for dogma.“

Peter Newmark, Paragraph on Translation, 1993